K. K. Tool Co. Supplier Requirements

Thank you for your contribution to K. K. Tool’s success. As a requirement of doing business with some of our valued customers, it is necessary to stipulate certain flow-down expectations of our customers. The term supplier in this document refers to any provider of materials or subcontracted services that add value or verify product acceptability. The following terms and conditions apply if you have been directed to this document. Acceptance of a Purchase Order from K. K. Tool Co. assumes that you have reviewed and agree to the following:

  • Need for a Management System
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Product Safety
  • Right of access:   By accepting the K. K. Tool Co. Purchase Order, the supplier agrees to allow K. K. Tool Co. or its representative access to the supplier’s facility to verify product and product verification records.
  • Product verification records:   Certificates of Conformity will be provided upon request. These certificates will state that the supplier has records on file of its verification of product specifications and that those records are available to K. K. Tool Co. if requested. In addition, the supplier will provide First Article
  • Prevent the use of Counterfeit parts Inspection records, if requested.
    • Approved sources:   When specified in the purchase order, the supplier agrees to use sources approved by K. K. Tool Co. and/or its customers. Purchase Order that reference:

    “HON-AERO”  will comply with applicable Honeywell Aerospace requirements stated in the most current version of SPOC Guidelines.

    • Identification and traceability:   The supplier will adequately mark all product and shipping documentation in a manner that will provide traceability to the K. K. Tool’s purchase order number, product verification records including the  identity of the individual releasing the products to K. K. Tool, raw material certificates of compliance from the source or an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory if requested.
    • FOD control:   The supplier will assure that parts are free of dirt, debris or foreign substances that may be in part cavities or on surfaces. Or any damage that may be generated by a foreign object.
    • Packaging:   Parts or materials will be packaged in a manner that will protect them from loss, transit damage, or exposure to dirt, the elements, or foreign substances.
    • Retained records:  The supplier will maintain records indefinitely. Records will be retained and secured for review if necessary. Before the destruction of any records suppliers are required to notify K. K. Tool to set up delivery of records to their location.
    • Nonconforming Product Notification- Suppliers will notify K. K. Tool immediately if nonconforming product may have been released, and acquire K. K. Tool consensus for the proper disposition of the nonconforming product.
    • Notification of Changes- The supplier will notify the K. K. Tool purchaser and acquire prior acknowledgement from K. K. Tool if they intend to move their manufacturing location, change their manufacturing process, or use a new material source or outsourced processor. This acknowledgement is critical in planning and communication of K. K. Tool’s processes and must be sent to K. K. Tool before changes are made.
    • Customer special requirements:  Acceptance of the purchase order means that the supplier agrees to these terms and conditions, as well as any additional flow down or special requirements stated in the purchase order.

    If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact the K. K. Tool Co. buyer who issued the Purchase Order. K. K. Tool reserves the right to update this policy at any time. It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure they have confirmed the latest version before delivery of any Purchase Order.

    Released 2/9/2023 14:09 UTC

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