Wire EDM

Wire EDM

K.K. Tool utilizes the latest Wire EDM technology with four (4) Charmilles Robofil Wire EDM
units. All machines have Auto Threading for 24 hour operation.

Charmilles RoboFil

Imagine a 4000 lb block that’s over 15″ thick cutting at a 30° tapered angle. Can it be done? YES – we’ve done it!!!

Capabilities of our Robofil 510 and Robofil 310s:

  • X/Y travel of 15.75 x 27.55″
  • X/Y travel of 15.75″ x 27.55″
  • Programmable Z-axis to 15.75″
  • Taper angles up to 30°
  • 4,400 lb. work piece weight

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